What happened to the oily hardware!? Oil PC DESTROYED

Long time I didn’t write here anymore and just answered some comments, some weeks after I built the PC I decided to sell it on Ebay, but no one wanted to buy it for a high price, so I just tore it apart and sold the oil on Ebay.

Actually the hardware still works perfectly, I am currently writing this blogpost on this PC and I am still gaming and working on the hardware flawlessly since I removed the oil.

I just put it in a paper box under my bed, no case since then. The only thing that broke was one cooling fan on the graphics card, the one in the middle now only rotates if i put it in highest RPM, doesn’t react to low rpm, the other ones still work perfectly in low and high rpm and also the other hardware does not crash or anything, they all work fine (over 1 1/2 years now!).


As you can see it filtes out the dust in my room just perfectly :D:D

In the following video im tearing apart my mineral oil pc:

  1. Great to see everything hardware wise survived and is still working well. Id love to say that I’m going to build one of these oil cooled PC’s but I probably wont. An epic project though and its great to see.

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