Mineral Oil PC temperatures after gaming — Report

So I’ll make here a little report about my temperatures in my mineral oil pc.

Considering normal usage like working, posting stuff on the blog here, watching videos and also of course gaming and extreme stress tests. Some people said my computer would heat all the way up to 1000°C because I am not using a radiator to cool the oil (a radiator has to be bought first, would probably make extra noise which would contradict the idea of why I’ve built this mineral oil computer, and make unnecessary energy cost) but I’ve noticed that it would stop or even not reach at all the temps of my components as you can perfectly see in the picture below.

01. I’ll start with normal usage:


02. After listening to music in the background, watching a video and playing LoL (League of Legends) for 6 hours straight (settings: resolution 3440×1440 and quality maxed out):

oil pc temps

I’ve colored that thermometer right there a bit so u can read the temperatures better. My room temperature isn’t really 27.5°C, but the top of my oil computer, on which the thing is lying, is. So no problems at all here, I think even cooler than in air.

Sapphire 290 Vapor-X graphicscard in oil

Notice how dat graphics card changes color to yellow while playing, but immediatly changes back to blue when the game ends.



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