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mineral oil pc

I’ve got a lot of feedback recently for my mineral oil pc build and so I’ve decided to put a little Q&A on my blog.

Q: How practically is this build? You’re running it over one month now, did you expirience any trouble with it?

A: It’s not really THAT practical, because you have to “pay” much for really little benefit. Your system is completely noise-less and looks wonderful, the temps changed a bit and you have another heating behaviour, but you aren’t able to move it if needed and you can’t change hardware / settings on mainboard without much work (putting it out of the container, taking it into a plastic basket and work there, then put everything back). No trouble since I’ve built it, still running completely fine.

Q: Any ideas how you get that oil off the components if you decide to remove that build?

A: I’ll try maybe letting it drip dry, then using air pressure or alcohol to clean it completely. Or maybe I just try to sell the whole thing on Ebay, I’m quite sure some other enthusiast is gonna buy it. :razz:

Q: The fans are rotating pretty slowly, does the oil’s viscosity damage them?

A: Nope, theyre oiled + cooled in there. As far as i know theyre built with technology (forgot the exact name) which won’t be damaged at all, even the oil puts a little bit more restistance on them. Though not as much as you might think. Theyre feeling fine in there as far as I see.

Q: While really cool, I’ve heard the oil can leech up through the cables?

A: This only happens if you put the cables in the oil. I’ve even heard that the oil can’t crawl vs. gravity. So if you’d put it on the desk AND put them cables in there, it could crawl out and fuck everything up. But like I built it there are no problems at all. I look in there everyday and it looks perfectly fine till today.

Q: Why didn’t you fill it completely?

A: Same as mentioned above. I also only ordered like 40 liters and noticed, that if I’d put more oil in there, the power supply would drown. And I don’t want that. (See pictures in tutorial to know where my power supply hangs)

Q: I’ve noticed your GPU fans aren’t rotating except of the middle one. Thats normal for a Viper GPU, but what if the one on the oil filling line starts rotating? Won’t it spill the oil everywhere?

A: That’s why I’ve blocked it… fuck that thing, there was no other way for me. Haha.


If there are still questions about my mineral oil pc feel free to post them in the comment section and I’ll answer you.

  1. Usually, I don’t read long posts, but it was worth the time. Nice article.

  2. Great article and great blog overall.

    I’ve tried to reach you out, but it seems that your e-mail address is not working anymore… I have the same project in mind and I would like to send you a private e-mail.

    • Hey, you can always write me here in the comments or just look up “Impressum” on top of this page, there is my correct e-mail. :)

  3. I used to be able to find good information from your blog articles.

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