Howto: Build a High-End Mineral Oil submerged PC

Here I am going to show you how to build a mineral oil cooled high-end pc yourself with a budget of 300€ (like 330$).

I cut almost all pieces with my “Dremel” because I am partly unexpirienced with other tools and because it seemed more safe to me. Some parts don’t look as good as I wanted them to look, but still I think that the result is sure okay.
If you use my tutorial I’d be glad and happy to see / publish your result here :grin:

– Note: If you are a german visitor click here: MineralÖl PC bauen: Anleitung (Part 1) (AUF DEUTSCH / IN GERMAN)

– Check out my Youtube video first if you’ve missed it, to get a better impression of my oil pc so called Dead Bottom:

– Check also my Collage for some additional information about my oil computer.

World's famous Mineral Oil cooled PC

My half-done oil pc

Mineral öl gekühlter PC

Mineral oil submerged PC, built with this howto

Mineralöl PC fertiggestellt

Changed the color a bit with my remote control, result with this tutorial


As an great example I’ve used the project of LinusTechTips on Youtube.
Their concept seems to work fine so I’ve thought why do it another way and build it a bit like theirs.
By the way their kit is from Puget Systems and costs like 1000$, but isn’t sold anymore. Puget also gained a lot of expirience with oil cooled PCs and so I know it is a great solution.


Note: If you actually do it, feel free to


My Hardware Build for this High-End Mineral Oil submerged PC:

Sapphire Radeon R9 290 Vapor-X OC
Gigabyte Sniper z97
Intel Core i7-4790K Devil’s Canyon.
16GB RAM, Corsair and a blue 8GB one from IDK anymore
Be Quiet power supply


I feel like almost everyone on Youtube / Google Pictures is using old shitty hardware for their mineral oil PC so i take here high-end hardware in value like 1000€ for this project.


[ What you’ll need for the build: ]

– Time for one week work
– Hardware
Dremel (80$ on Amazon, absolutely worth it) or Black & Decker Jig Saw (35$ on Amazon) and Black & Decker Drill/Driver (36$ on Amazon)
Dennerle NanoCube 60 Liters Aquarium (60€ on Ebay)
– Acrylic glass (I’ve paid 50€ in “Hornbach”, like DIY Store / Craft store)
– Screws (in Hornbach 5-20€)
– Small right metal angle (1.20€ for each in Hornbach)
– Nice looking handles (6€ each in Hornbach)
UHU SUPER GLUE EXTRA STRONG ULTRA FAST (10$, i like the little ones, very good)
Medicine Mineral Oil with low viscosity (65€ each 20 liters canister, I’ve needed like 45 liters for mine. Dunno if they sell it international so check out Linus vid they name their oil vendor.)
Cable Ties, 200-Piece (7$)
– Thermometer I have like this one but I also relly like this one because it shows humidity, which may be interesting
– Decoration (0-100€) Tetra Whisper Air Pump (10$), LED light with remote control (found mine on Ebay), Spongebob’s Pineapple Home Ornament, I like the the dark one and the light blue one, This seems very interesting to me: 12 LED Blue Color Round Shape Waterproof Aquarium Lights Bubble or even that one interesting thingy could be more badass than my stuff, didn’t see such stuff on german Amazon
Water Pump (like 18$, you don’t have to, but if something goes wrong, better have one at home)

-> All together should be around 330$, less if you already got some of the tools above. Maybe I forgot some things so watchout when watching my listed pictures here. I’ve left out some non necessary needed stuff in this list. Feel free to contact me on the E-Mail given above.

[ Step 1: ]
Place your aquarium where the computer belongs and check how you feel about it. Find a perfect place for it.

Dennerle Aquarium unterm Tisch positioniert

[ Step 2: ]
Get your hardware ready for it.

Mainboard Hardware in altem PC Case

Hardware in old case

Hardware ohne Case nach Ausbau

Hardware removed from old case


[ Step 3 (optional): ]

Check your hardware without the old case.

Hardware im neuen Case zur Testzwecken

Tried to place it like I want it in the end


[ Schritt 4: ]

Plexi Deckel auf Behälter

Make that acrylic glass ready

Zugeschnittener Deckel

After using my Dremel:lol:


[ Step 5: ]
Here we have a little cut of pictures cuz I’ve worked hard and forgot even about taking pictures. I’ve built like a double cover, because its more stable and closes denser in the end. So I took another acrylic glass and cut it, so I can get it tight with four screws. In the result you should be able to press it closely in the edges of your tank.

Doppelter Deckel zum Einrasten

My cover in the tank, fixed with four screws

Seitenansicht "Doppelter Deckel"

from the side, my double cover


[ Step 6: ]
My power supply got a fan so I placed that below my cover. The easiest way to do this was to use my angles and UHU. Probably not the best solution, but it held till now.

Netzteil mit selfmade Halterung

Power supply with right angles

Vorbereitung zum Sägen

My planning part

Netzteil am Deckel montiert

Got it done


[ Step 7: ]
Good that I’ve bought an acrylic glas case from Sunbeam before I decided to use the Dennerle aquarium. It got acrylic glass inside for the drives etc., not necessary needed so I used this for the project and I’m selling the other parts.
Again I’ve used my UHU glue (stuck like in 10 secs, thats why I like them) and glued the holding parts of my old case inside the acrylic glass from the Sunbeam case. Then i screwed my mainboard on it.

Mainboard montiert an zwei Acrylglasscheiben

Mainboard screwed on the acrylic glass of Sunbeam


[ Step 8: ]
Make the holes / cut out for the power supply.

[ Step 9: ]
I’ve decided to put my SSD inside the tank (NOT INSIDE THE OIL !!! of course) and to use it for putting my oil from there. My HDD and SSD are hanging down in air above the oil. Looks a bit bad cuz I’m no master of Dremel yet, but works pretty OK.

I won’t submerge it to the top, only till the CPU is fully in the mineral oil.

SSD Einlass im Doppelten Deckel

Inlet for the oil / SSD


Getting a bit tired now of counting the steps and stopping it from now on.


Griff für SSD Einlass

Nice handle for my SSD inlet


Deckel befestigt

Built everything together here

I’ve Placed everything as I wanted and checked so everythings fits just fine.

Deckel mit Mainboard

Screwed my mainboard on there and checked everything again


Mainboard und Griffe Deckel

Another test of the whole construction


Mineral öl PC Deckel funktioniert perfekt

Works perfectly:wink:


Öl PC Verkablung und Anschlüsse

Graphicscard on there, connections and ports plotted, everything removed again and cut it out. Then everything back on and fit the wires with the cable fixers so it looks just fine


LED an Mineral öl PC

Then I also placed my LED strip from Ebay there, looks much better in the result than on this picture:grin:

Now it’s time to clean the Dennerle aquarium tank :wink:


You should wash your gravel. It took a very very long time to dry them so I just used a hair drier and then put them above the unwashed one (had two packs), didn’t have problems this way. But maybe you should wash it, cuz in the end you could have messy expensive mineral oil, which you’ll need then to replace because it might look awful although I’m not sure if it actually is able to discolor or not.


Dennerle Aquarium Luft

Get that bubble maker fit in as you want it

Dennerle Mineral Öl PC

Everything in again and check if it fits and looks nice

Katze kuschel Grafikkarte

My cat with my graphics card. :wink: No problem

Cuz ..

Mainboard reinigen

Now we get to the cleaning part. I’ve used like a Ultra Duster Canned from germany

Sticker am Mainboard ab

I’ve heard the may be trouble, so removed this one. But didn’t have any problems so far with the one I submerged

Sapphire Radeon R9 290 Vapor-X OC sauber

So fckn shiny and clean! Sapphire Radeon R9 290 Vapor-X OC

Hardware für Mineralöl gekühlten PC

Clean and mounted! Sapphire Radeon R9 290 Vapor-X OC, Gigabyte Sniper z97 und Intel Core i7-4790K Devil’s Canyon.

Mineral öl PC Deckel

Replaced my sata wires with 1m ones.

So almost reached the end now :lol:

Letzter Test Mineral öl PC

Everything wired, put together and placed to fit. Last check before I put in the mineral oil. Attention now, you don’t wanna miss a single thing now.

Öl rein in Öl PC

Funnel in there and then … safe the environment. Be very careful with it especially if you got 20L oil containers like me, it’ll make everything oily and disgusting to touch. Walls and carpets would be damaged for ever, you won’t be able to remove it COMPLETELY, EVER. Do everything on your own risk. Care also that the tank is placed correctly before you fill the mineral oil in there, it will be way too heavy to move it afterwards.

Sicherer Öl PC

Nice lightning garbage backs :lol: Don’t use paper


[ Time for results, huh :]

Mineral öl gekühlter PC

Mineral oil submerged PC, done

Mineralöl PC fertiggestellt

Thats how it should look like!

Fertiger Build Mineral Öl gekühlter PC

It’s a little bit of an ambilight feeling, especially when I’m using my remote control to choose a good color for my game (f.e. LoL) or movie. Very nice gimmick. I think it’s a great combination right there.

Thermometer Öl Temperatur PC

Thermometer and temps

Literally worked my ass of with this one, even with the blog posts in German and English.
Had a tons of fun and gained expierence building it and posting about it here, hope you like it as much as I do and maybe you’re going to do the same? I say go for it. Right. Fucking. NOW. Really, don’t even think of any excuse not to do it.

Took me really like 8-14 days with a bit of planning etc., but with this tutorial you should have everything you need and save a bit time.

I think this project is a prototype for a well designed mineral oil cooled PC, i only found ugly ones except the thing from LinusTechTips.

I was also driven by the fact I wasn’t able to use it till I finish everything so it was nice to just work through it in countless of hours.

I even got sick (cold) after building it and now chillin’ a bit, writing this whole thing cuz I went out without proper clothing in the night, disposing everything to just not get any clothing messy.

Have fun and good luck with it, try to avoid any mistake I did / mentioned here and maybe you’ll achieve to build it even more badass than mine!

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  1. entrepreneurship

    I enjoy the formatting of one’s post. The headers and bold text allow it to be a straightforward read.

  2. SSD’s can go in the mineral oil just fyi.

  3. I am Debating on making one of these. I have a computer that I use alot for playing games like csgo, gmod, gta 5, and the division. I was thinking about overclocking my cpu aswell. would this be a good idea to do? would this have a good temp, and would the performence be better or worse?

    • Hey, kinda.

      If you wanna go the road and always put it up for every hardware change etc. then yes.

      Also you’ll need a radiator in the oil to cool it down properly.

      There’s also some super computer, which is cooled by oil, so why not.

  4. air pump can make the oil above 50-45 graus all time? are u sure?

    • I don’t understand what you mean. The air pump is more like decoration, but you can also add some cooling radiator in to the oil, so you even can overclock!

  5. Hi sir. Can I use an ordinary fish tank to build a submerged oil cooled pc? Please reply.

  6. Hi,

    I would like the permission to translate your post in Greek and post it on Let me know if that would be alright.

    Best regards

    Angelos Kyritsis

    • Hey, you’re allowed to do this, if you can link to my websites from your translated post on! I will also link to you here.
      You can also use my photos.

      Please link in the post to:

      (all of these)
      Thanks, Greetz Alex. W.

  7. awesome build but I think yours and most other diy submerssions miss the point of using oil Power transformers use a sealed metal tube for a case and fill it with oil. this effectively turns the entire surface area into a heat sink. Plastic / acrylic makes a better heat insulator than conductor so all that surface area is wasted.

    • Damn, thats actually an awesome idea :D
      The point of this project was more like to build a great looking pc so it looks like a fish tank :D

      You should try that out and make a YouTube Video out of it and link it here :)

      Greetz, Alex. W.

  8. Maria Kavaklioti


    I would like to specify me the exact models of the hardware that you have used.

    I will do the translation part for

    Thank you in advance,
    Maria Kavaklioti

  9. Hello,

    I would like to specify to me the exact models of the hardware part that you have used.

    I will do the traslation part for

    Thank you in advance,
    Maria Kavaklioti

  10. How well does this do at cooling compared to liquid cooling and even air cooled cases? And how is the noise compared to those as well?

    • No noise, but without extra cooling radiator in the oil it gets hotter after some time. For cooling you should maybe use a metal housing or sth filled with oil.

  11. hello !

    i ‘m looking to build something like that myself, i have a question tho…..
    Do the termal paste use for cpu/gpu disolve in oil ?

    • Hello, no I didn’t have any issues with the thermal paste. It didn’t disolve and even after I took the computer out of the oil it ran fine for 1 year. After that i put another cooling tower on there + new paste, which was slightly better in cooling.

      But really no problems with that.

      Greetz, Alex. W.

  12. Interesting concept. Couldn’t you attach a sub-ambient cooler such as a freezer or refrigerator unit to this? The reason you can’t do that with conventional cooling is that water droplets form on the sub-ambient components. As this is submerged, the water droplets would form on the outside of the case, out of harms way!

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