How it works : DIY Mineral Oil PC kit

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Here I am going to to explain you real quick how the DIY mineral oil PC kit (click) works and what a mineral oil submerged PC really is.

First all the hardware has to be built out and cleaned from dust and other stuff which got on the hardware over time, if it was used in air before.

Then an aquarium tank / fish tank has to be prepared for the hardware.
It has to be complete clean of stuff otherwise it would pollute the mineral oil or make the glass less shiny.

Some sort of top case has to be build with screws for the motherboard for the hardware to get mounted. Mostly you’d choose acrylic glass here because it fits perfectly in the oil without disrupting the nice look.

Then you pour the mineral oil in the fish tank (it’s kind of like baby oil!) and submerge the hardware fully.

If you want to overclock you can even use a radiator in there (to cool the oil) or pumps which pump the oil out of the tank and cool it with the help of air.


How does it not short out the system?

It works because the mineral oil is absolutely non conductive.
This means it is not able, really under any circumstance, to short the system out, just like air is non conductive.


Could distilled water also work?

Although distilled water is also non conductive, it takes things from the air and the hardware and in short time it gets conductive leading to a short out system.
With mineral oil there is no way this could happen.

This fact already is tested and proven on the internet.
You don’t have to waste your stuff.


Can it take place like in between connections / connectors leading to electrical isolation so the system stops working?

Although i can imagine this could happen in some system, but actually it does not.
When I built mine I didn’t have a problem once. It also ran over some months really without a problem at all. Several Youtube videos also prove that this won’t / can’t happen. I think it just acts like air in this case.

You should take oil with low viscosity so it’s kind of easy to clean off the components if something would go wrong.

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