Cons and Pros of : a DIY Mineral Oil submerged PC

pros and cons of a mineral oil submerged pc kit


So you are planning on building your DIY mineral oil submerged PC?
Here’s all information and what you have to know about it.

– Pros:

  • It’s crazy to have one. No one has an oil cooled PC at home.
  • The mineral oil PC is completely noise free. Like really. NO FUCKING NOISE at all. :mrgreen:
  • It looks amazing, everyone has to stare at least for some seconds on it. Including yourself.
  • A cool experience and journey of building it. You learn what the word “hard work” means.
  • The oil PC is very unique, you can be as creative as you want. You’re free in designing it.
  • You have a (good) reason to spend a lot of time with your PC
  • You’ll love it if you’re an enthusiast about tech / Computers.
  • You can take a lot of pictures and start a Youtube channel or even a whole website about it like I did
  • If you have a little room it won’t heat up the air fast like air cooling does because the oil saves the heat and gives it smooth in the environment, your room, don’t worry, at some point the oil doesn’t heat up much more. Mine was like 55°C hottest and from there just stuck at 55°C.
  • You can save on cooling components and expensive graphic cards, you can take the loud but cheap stock ones and just put in in the oil.
  • I guess, means I didn’t try, I really just guess, but probably the components will live longer in the oil. Thats because the oil heats up and cools down very smooth and consistent, wrapping your components, so the little contacts don’t break like in air cooling from constantly being heat and cooled down causing it to fail over time.
  • You have an Ambilight feeling in your room if you use that LED strip with remote control as I did in my tutorial. Just beautiful.
  • If you don’t like it you still can remove the oil and use your components again in air. With low viscosity oil it’s not hard to clean up with some tissues


– Cons (aka every upside has it’s downside):

  • Takes a LOT of time to build (Took me like one whole week)
  • Takes also a LOT of time to maintain, I mean, if something goes wrong you have to get some plastik boxes, plastic bags and move the top case out or even pump the oil out so it doesn’t drip everywhere in your room and you don’t lose the oil etc.
  • The cooling isn’t really that strong without a radiator (a radiator probably makes annoying noise)
  • It is kinda expensive to build or even buy (300€ for all the material including the oil, I am actually selling mine so contact me at if you’re interested in buying it with or without hardware, no joke, I am traveling and have soon to move out to another flat so I can’t keep that heavy thing around. Shoot me a message and we can discuss a price.)
  • The mineral oil PC in the fish tank / aquarium is heavy and also hard to move in the room because of that
  • I’m not quite sure if it is completely safe for your health and doesn’t cause health issues through evaporation especially in low viscosity mineral oils

So that’s all I can think of for the moment.
I personally don’t regret building it for the reasons mentioned above. :)
But for me now I feel like it’s time to move on to some other projects. I already have another idea for a case in mind to build an: again an acrylic case, but without oil.

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  1. Great job with citing. Your sources are great.

    • Ummm… Neyra, there’s no sources (unless you count a link to their tutorial as a citation), not quite sure what you’re on about there, haha.

      Nice post, definitely considering a mineral oil pc.
      Got any case recommendations? Puget stopped their cases, so they’re really hard to get a hold of.
      I was considering an ordinary fish tank but I heard that the glass can crack with the constant changing temperatures.
      Hope to hear back from you!

      • Hey, Neyra is a bot I think but ok. Well you can use a fish tank it won’t crack but care it MAY be unhealthy when the oil is evaporating into the air you breath. :D

      • Jack Archambault

        Not sure if you still need a recommendation but you could make your own out of acrylic, this is what I did and it may take a little while but you can make it look however you want and it’s less expensive than a fish tank depending on how large it needs to be

  2. Mineral oil is usually used to relieve um constipation problems. :twisted:

  3. My daddy bot me a fish tank so all i need to do now is put the computer in. im using water insted because i can just get it from my pond

    • :!: :shock: :!: :shock: :!: :shock: :!: :shock: :!: :shock: :!: :shock: :!: Your’e using water?????? Man, it will short all of your components, use deionized water instead, but not from your pond, telling you.

      • deionized water will short circuit too, it will just take longer. Because the PC will mineralize the water. :D Just use oil man you can even use the cheap yellow one, that u normally would use for cooking

        • Yeah, I learned that later….. :P

          In fact, even I am trying to make a mineral oil PC for my home theater machine :*

  4. dont the oil heats up as all the gpu and cpu (heating components) are submerged in it?

  5. yes but if u make a good circular current in the tank your should be able to keep a lower temp also some recommend a water loop with a radiator

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