Computer hardware running UNDERWATER !? (Photo mashup)

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Mineral oil submerged PC picture mashup / collage

Mineral Oil PC

Doesn’t it look like water? :mrgreen:

dead bottom oil pc side

Dead Bottom” Sideview

Of course it’s not water, even distilled water would short out your hardware in a short amount of time. :grin:
What you see here is computer hardware put under oil called mineral oil, it’s almost as fluid as water and looks also exactly like it. You can even produce bubbles inside it to reinforce the look of a PC in water! I’m gonna present you here my picture mashup / collage from my mineral oil submerged PC titled “Dead Bottom” cuz of the Spongebob Theme.

close-up mineral oil pc dead bottom

“Dead Bottom” close-up shot, looks almost like you could touch it. Everything looks shiny and clear, completely dustless in the oil.


A shot from the top




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